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You Sank my... Box Office?

Hollywood must be getting desperate

When one hears that Hollywood is adapting a game into a film our minds tend to think “ ooh- video games”. It makes sense there actually. Video games today are not like the simple platform hopping of years past. Today They cost in the millions to produce, have serious, and skilled writers to create deep and powerful stories that can rival any film, have amazing voice acting- more often by major film stars. Basically your getting an interactive 70+ hour long movie. Though sadly many game movies have been flops because of Hollywood shortcuts to ride a brand name. Ooooh how I fear for the Mass Effect film. This is actually not what we are talking about this time. I can sense that pang of dread in your gut already.


It is actually board games Hollywood may be looking into. Granted it worked out well with 'Clue', Though many say it was Tim Curry who made that film. With the recent murmurings of ' Battleship' one has to wonder what Hollywood is thinking, or how hurt are they for anything to produce. All over the web one can find spoofs, and jokes about games as movies, and it's sometimes hard to figure out if we are just getting our leg pulled. Given the recent nosedive in film quality lately one can perhaps understand why Hollywood may be looking for outside inspiration...Or to ride on brand recognition and ad revenue. I suppose we really don't need to worry right off the bat. Though I personally predict these will fail on their own and lead studios to look elsewhere, though not before they release Sorry-the motion picture.