What to do when you get stuck in the gaming doldrums

What to do when you get stuck in the gaming doldrums

How do you handle gaming ennui?

 I'm having a bit of a lull in my gaming routine these days. Nothing particularly excites me. I just haven't been gaming very much. (Although just to put it in perspective: When I say "I haven't been gaming much" I mean "only an hour a night and four hours a night on weekends." That's "not much" gaming for me.)

Part of the problem is that life has been a bit more of a struggle lately. By the end of the day, I'm just too tired to deal with games and their complex mechanics. I'm too tired to participate in my entertainment, I just want it fed to me instead. This is the Summer of Binge-Watching Game of Thrones. I'm almost to the end of season 7 - no spoilers, please!

I also have a hobby project that has been luring me away from the PC and the console. I'm THIS CLOSE to finishing a massive quilt I've been working on for ages. While the light is good late into the evening, I can often be found in my crafting area, quilting away.

Another factor is that I finished several big gaming projects back-to-back:

I "beat" Stardew Valley (Grandpa judged me and I got a perfect score).

I finally got round to playing Horizon Zero Dawn start to finish (the PS4 is my boyfriend's console, so I had to wait until he was thoroughly tired of it before I could elbow him aside and take over "his" console). 

I plowed my way through a second Fallout 4 play-through up to level 14, which is when you can get the Local Leader level 2 perk which allows you to connect settlements with supply lines. I'm playing cooperatively with a friend - he just wants to build settlements, without the hassle of fighting and exploring and collecting materials. But that's my favorite part!

Come to think of it, maybe 98% of my problem is that I just need a breather.

Most people respond to the gaming doldrums by buying something new. But unless there's a title you REALLY want to play, I don't recommend this response. Gaming ennui comes from within, it can't be fixed by a new game. Any time I buy a new game because I'm bored with gaming, that new game just ends up on the pile too - unopened, unplayed, unloved.

For me, these lulls in my gaming routine only last for a week or two. Then I'm back at it with a vengeance.