A week of Sea of Thieves

A week of Sea of Thieves


 Sea of Thieves launched last Tuesday, and I've spent most of my spare time since then "playing pirates." It's definitely fun times, and there is a lot to like about it. But at this point, the content is very thin, and amounts to:

Fetch quests
A "raid" that consists of killing a stupid amount of low-level bad guys
Attacking other players

I'm struggling to fit the game into my life, because everything resets when you leave the game. So you can't just hop in, play for half an hour, and then leave. The "minimum playable unit" (that's a term I just made up) is 1-1.5 hours, whether you're playing solo or with a group.

Saturday morning I was excited to unlock the next level of fetch quests from one of the factions. And I discovered that the next tier is the same fetch quests... except now you have 3 targets instead of 1.


There's also no such thing as leveling, everyone has the same character, there's no build, and the only thing you can buy or "upgrade" is cosmetics. This frustrated me at first, until I realized that it meant that everyone was on a level playing field. You don't need to worry that the 12 year-olds who have infinite time to play will outclass you, or that your friends will leave you behind.

The game shines when it's you and a group of friends on voice chat, sailing the high seas and defending your plunder against attackers. The coordination doesn't take too much training to get right, and it's fun to go out there and pirate together. 

It's less fun as a solo player, especially since some of the quests can take a very long time with only one person hacking at skeletons. Plus you're much more vulnerable to attack from other players.

I assume that this is just the early days of the game, and they will be adding a lot more stuff in the upcoming months. But until then, it's fun but ultimately a little thin.