Trump decides to blame violent video games for school shootings

Trump decides to blame violent video games for school shootings

Is anyone surprised he's looking for an easy scapegoat?

 This week, Trump met with gaming industry leaders to discuss violence in video games, and its (non-existent) connection to school shooting. This is clearly a thinly-veiled attempt to find another way to cater to the public's demand that we do something about public mass shootings. A way that doesn't involve actually regulating guns, which are one of the most powerful political lobbies today.

Instead of discussing gun control in any form, Trump decided to go after violent video games. The complete absence of evidence linking violent video games and real-life violence was no barrier. Trump is not the kind of guy to let something like "facts" get in his way.

Study after study has shown no reason to believe that violent video games cause kids to grow up into violent adults. In fact, there is a lower rate of playing video games among school shooters than the general population.

Video games already have a ratings system, and Trump was shown clips of video games that are rated M for Mature. Games rated M are for 17+, and many stores will only sell them if you show ID first.

Also it must be said that violent video games enjoy a global popularity, but that mass shootings are only an issue in the United States, where gun control rules are lax and mental health resources are scarce.

Video games have always been an easy target for people who don't understand them. It sounds like Trump has never played a video game in his life, but “We have to look at the Internet, because a lot of bad things are happening to young kids and young minds, and their minds are being formed." Not a peep about controlling their access to guns, mind you.