Parental controls on gaming systems

Parental controls on gaming systems

Unprecedented ability to protect your kids

 This recent Kotaku review of the Nintendo Switch parental controls was an interesting eye-opener for me. I don't have kids, so the experience of trying to manage kids' video game time is a new one to me. 

Nintendo has always been aimed at kids, so it's not entirely surprising that the Switch should offer such good parental controls. But these days I'm surprised when a console or gaming system makes anything easy.

The Nintendo Switch lets you set limits for games, and for gaming time per day, and per account. If your kid tries to play past that amount, the console gives them a 15-minute warning, then shuts down. (Unless you enter the correct PIN.)

The Xbox One has a similar set of powerful parental controls, but it takes a lot more fiddling to get them to work. Frankly, from the description of it, I think only gamer parents would be able to figure it out.

Nintendo has done two things right: they created the parental controls AND they made the controls easy to find and use. Not every parent has the technical know-how to locate and use parental controls correctly.