The excitement for Borderlands 3 is right here!

The excitement for Borderlands 3 is right here!

Am I the only superfan left?

 Holly Green (games journalist and Assistant Editor at Paste Games) recently asked, "Where's all the excitement for Borderlands 3?" Let me tell you, a lot of it is right here. Maybe I'm hogging it all.

I consider myself a Borderlands superfan. (And even at that, I haven't played the games as much as some of my friends.) I have played each of the games through several times. I have bought them for multiple platforms. I've tried different characters, although I always end up gravitating back to my favorites. (Mordecai, Axton, and Claptrap, respectively.)

I have been excited for Borderlands 3 for several years, but my excitement is tempered with caution. As Green points out, Gearbox hasn't really been doing that great. 

Gearbox farmed out work on the Pre-Sequel to their Australian studio, then closed the studio after the game was finished. Their big push for Battleborn had the misfortune to be released at the same time as Destiny and Overwatch, both of which ate Battleborn for lunch. 

I'm prepared to be disappointed by Borderlands 3, which means I'm not in the biggest hurry to see it released. It seems like many bad games got that way because they were rushed. I'd rather wait for a better Borderlands 3 than put pressure on the studio to release it before it's good.

I also suspect Borderlands 3 will follow the current zeitgeist, and be multiplayer-only, like Destiny. The older I get, the less I'm interested in gaming with strangers. If Borderlands 3 can't be played through in single-player mode, then I'm not playing it, end of story.

In the mean time, the Borderlands series is just so darned replayable. You can pick up any of the Borderlands games and start playing them, and they're just as fun as they always were. The games haven't aged a bit, which surely tempers the lust for the next sequel.