Do you suffer from Chronic Reload Syndrome?

Do you suffer from Chronic Reload Syndrome?

There is help!

 This tongue-in-cheek PC Gamer article explores one of the most widespread quirk of gamer behavior, which the author dubs Chronic Reload Syndrome.

I absolutely suffer from Chronic Reload Syndrome. And proudly so! I have reloaded a gun after literally only firing a single bullet, and I'll do it again. There's nothing more frustrating than frantically backpedaling away from an attack while your character goes through the agonizingly slow reload cycle.

I picked up this habit playing Borderlands 2, which was the first proper shooter I ever played. I chose Axton (still my favorite character), and focused on sniper rifles, because I was very bad, and preferred to stay as far away from the danger as possible. 

Borderlands 2 uses ammo scarcity to "encourage" the player to use different types of guns. A wise player has one of each type, so that they have access to all the different ammo types. I soon developed the habit, during down times, of cycling through each of my four equipped weapons and reloading each one.

I habitually reload every time I kill an enemy. In some games, this can mean almost constant reloading. But I'm okay with that! I'd rather reload a full clip than get caught with my pants down, metaphorically speaking.