Is Cloud Gaming the future of PC gaming?

Is Cloud Gaming the future of PC gaming?

Welcome to the future!

 PC gamers are well aware of the ongoing, some might say staggering, cost of PC gaming. It can cost a small fortune every year just to keep your hardware moderately current, and that's not even counting if you want to always have the latest and greatest equipment. 

A French startup company called Blade aims to change this, with their Shadow system which has proved popular in France. Shadow is "PC gaming as a service," which means that instead of buying and maintaining your own PC, you just rent their cloud service for a monthly fee.

The Shadow specs are pretty good, and Blade will be updating their hardware regularly. At $50-35 per month, it's not cheap, and it requires a 15MB internet connection to run properly. 

Would you sign up for a Cloud Gaming subscription? I suspect many gamers might, if only to save them the hassle of having to constantly research what graphics card to buy next.